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Seed Capital for your High Tech Venture
Matching innovation with opportunity
SDI Intellectual Property Licensing could be the catalyst for your project.

SDI seeks innovative products, concepts and services which creatively fill a market niche and can be patented or trademarked and commercially exploited. Of particular interest are start-up ventures which have the potential to have a positive influence on the environment, society and humanity. Additionally very high-risk ventures that have a disproportionate possibility for extremely high revenue and profits, with the possibility of a public offering are considered.

SDI also can help investors find and communicate with high tech entrepreneurs seeking seed money for their ventures.

While SDI does not offer direct investment opportunities, a broad network of inventors and R&D professionals from industry and academia can be an invaluable tool for investors seeking to identify new opportunities for direct investment of their own. Inventors aren't marketers, nor is SDI. Think of SDI as a clearinghouse for ideas and information. A place for prospective partners on the R&D side and investment side to meet.

SDI wants your brainpower and ideas and excitement, not your cash. SDI does not seek "consulting" fees from inventors in exchange for helping them secure a patent. Rather, SDI will review proposals from qualified inventors, and, after careful consideration, determine whether we believe we can be of assistance in securing a patent and developing a business plan. On a selected basis, SDI may seek an equity position in the new business. Based on that review SDI may then disseminate information about the project to appropriate potential, qualified investors.

If you wish to contact SDI, please email a non-confidential, one-page executive summary detailing your project and the amount of seed capital you estimate is required for first round funding. Please also enclose a one-page biography of each principal.

If you are an investor with sincere interest in helping startup ventures realize their potential, feel free to contact SDI with a brief summary of your interests and goals.

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About Strategic Diversity

Founder Kenneth P. Weiss, Ph.D., has 17 patents to his credit. He also is founder and former chairman and CTO of a computer security firm recognized as the world leader in secure network access and internet transaction security. Dr Weiss' firm achieved market capitalization of $4 billion under his guidance.

Because he understands first-hand the difficulties involved with bringing good ideas to market and making them profitable, he created SDI to seek and identify worthwhile inventions and inventors who might not have the wherewithal to do so on their own.


Strategic Diversity is not an investment firm, does not offer brokerage services, directly or indirectly, nor does it offer any opportunities for individuals or groups to invest through it or its affiliates, directly or indirectly. This brochure should not be construed as a solicitation offering securities or investments.